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Niels or NiesL?
Hello, my name is Niels Kortenbout. I am a graduate of the study Creative Technology at the University of Twente. I am 27 years old and also go by the name of NiesL. I am interested in creating meaningful applications with technology, changing the common people's perception and helping those in need of help. I am not a programmer, I am not an engineer. I am not a doctor nor am I an artist. I connect with all. Through ideation and evaluation I arrive at novel combinations of technology.
Natural interaction with Garment

My graduation project for Creative technology was focused on capturing natural interaction using technology in garment.

Wearable technology is taking a more prominent role in our lifestyle. Technology in garment is not a common thing as of yet. This technology looks promising and has high expectations. The most common computer interaction is one with buttons and sliders, the motivation for my study was to change that. The goal of my study was to find novel possibilities for meaningful interaction with garment. I done this using exploration, ideation, and prototype evaluation. I had developed a proof of concept prototype which was evaluated by 5 users. The prototype was a hoodie which catches 6 different gestures including shaking and nodding for interacting with a system. This allowed the user to control a music application, without use of buttons or sliders.

You can find my essay here.

I worked as a creative on a project which was focussed on the subject "Remote Care Nearby". The motivation was to make something to aid the elderly. My grandmother has a problem herself, she needs to get her dietary intakes checked weekly and a nurse comes and takes blood for examination every week. This is a hassle for her, and she does not like it. I came up with the idea to analyze human excrement, right in their own toilet. A device which is specially designed to be portable and hanged into a toilet. This device then analyses the user's stool. Trough the user's media, the user can then look up the analysis. The system then advises on dietary supplements or decrements ideally without the necessity of an expert. This is all merely a concept and not realized in the time set for this project.
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